Greetings from Bolivia

Our team just landed in La Paz, Bolivia and were so warmly greeted by a contingent from Bethesda Church in El Alto. Nearly 20 people came out, including some beautiful children, and they sang us a song of greeting. It’s a great feeling to be so genuinely welcomed as you exit customs.

It was a pleasure to see Mark Lennox of Bright Hope International who is serving as our host/guide/translator. We were also joined by two young ladies, Taylor and Corrina, who are currently serving as Bright Hope interns. I’m always so blessed by people who love the Lord deeply and have put feet to that love by going where God sends them.

I’ve been to high altitudes before but this is the highest, and it’s already affected me far more than I’d anticipated. I’ve climbed to 10,000 in Africa with no ill effects so I assumed I’d be fine, but we’re at over 12,000 feet and those extra 2,000 feet seem to make a huge difference. I feel a bit spacy, chronically out of breath, etc. I found out that we can have an oxygen tank with mask delivered to our room 🙂 That’s definitely a first for me.

It’s been really need to see all the women walking around with shawls and bowler hats perched on their heads. It’s such an iconic image and I’ve seen it often on television but it’s neat to see it in person. I definitely want to buy one of those hats before I leave. Maybe one for my wife Jeannie as well.

Gonna try to get a bit of rest before the day kicks off in earnest. If you’re reading this in real time we’d definitely love your prayer support. All for now…

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