Wisdom vs. Guidance

I was leafing through an old notebook where I’d taken notes on various things during 2003. I came across notes from a talk that my brother Steve gave at an overnight event for our young adult group back in December of 2003. I thought some of the insights he had were worth sharing so I’ll paraphrase some of his key points here.

The danger of depending too much on explicit divine guidance for every choice is that we can fail to take responsibility for the choices we make, saying in our hearts, “It’s not my fault. That’s what God wanted me to do.”

There’s a point in our lives when we start making wise choices for ourselves and are not paralyzed until we hear a voice from heaven giving us play-by-play guidance for every choice we have to make. The choices we make in life are a reflection of our character and God will hold us accountable for those choices.

Consider how a 3-year old knows the will of her father. He gives her clear dos and don’ts. He intervenes when she’s endangering herself. He may give her a smack on the hand to tell her to stop doing something. Now consider how a 16-year old knows the will of her father. She’s in a parked car and a boy is making moves on her. Daddy is not in the car with her, but a voice inside her tells her this is wrong and she stops him. That girl has a more profound grip on her father’s will because she has internalized his values.

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