The Goofiness of God

Recently 3 of my 4 kids attended a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. The older two were just tagging along. Evidently they took a whole bunch of photos in this machine that converts your photo into a stylized pencil sketch. I was flipping through this stack of 8 of these pictures and the last 3 cracked me up. Have a look…

When my wife Jeannie and I looked at these together, we knew exactly where they get this goofy side from – me. No one coached them – they are weird all by themselves. It’s in their very nature.

So I got to wondering, if they get it from me, where do I get it from? Of course I can say I get it from my dad, and to some degree I do – though you’d have to know my dad for years before he’ll show you that side of himself.

But ultimately where does humanity get our levity from? Why do we love to laugh? Why do absurd things make us chuckle? Why do we delight ourselves in things that don’t have a point or serve some functional purpose? I believe with all my heart that it is a reflection of God.

Granted, we can take levity too far and venture into the realm of crass and destructive expressions. But I don’t think Jesus was a stiff. I think he knew how to laugh. I believe he cracked jokes.

Jesus had three years on earth to establish an earthly ministry that would endure until today, yet I believe that he took some of that precious limited time to just delight in being alive. I don’t think levity in any way detracts from the serious business of life that all of us must engage in each day. I think laughter and even sillyness are lubricants for the soul.

One of the things I love about working with our church staff is that from time to time (don’t worry, it’s all done in moderation), we can send each other a funny clip from Youtube that causes an eruption of laughter. Have you laughed today? If it’s been a long time since you’ve burst out in a deep “who-cares-what-I-look-like” belly laugh, you’re missing out on the full picture of life as God intended it.

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